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 Big Enough to Cope but Small Enough to Care 

From brickwork to decorating, let Wells Pride take care of your properties, inside and out! 

Having been in the property refurbishment business since 1972, we’ve built up a reputation for the professionalism and quality of our work, the care we take to look after premises and the friendly nature of our teams.

Our philosophy is to treat your properties as if they were our own, keeping everything neat and tidy at every stage.

All work is quoted and specified in advance, and we keep our clients appraised regularly on the progress we’re making towards completion, and any issues that are on the horizon.

We know from experience that you value reliability, punctuality, transparency and value, so we’ve built our company on those attributes.



Electrics are a integral component of any building. We manage and provide engineers to inspect and resolve any issues with electrics within commerical or private properties

having a fresh, bright environment makes it easier to find tenants for rental properties, and they can command higher rents. We take care of all your needs, including stripping, lining, papering, painting and finishing, leaving every room clean, tidy and appealing.

All our team members are highly trained, qualified and experienced, so we know what it takes to produce a first-class result, supported by exemplary customer service.


Keeping the roof weatherproof, watertight and secure provides essential protection for any property, as a small leak can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. We can inspect, repair or replace any type of roof, however big or small, quickly and efficiently, using state-of-the-art equipment and processes designed to keep costs and disruption to a minimum.

So to get a few tiles replaced, or for a brand new flat roof, call us today at Wells Group for advice and a free estimate.

Fascias & Guttering

Like roofing, fascias and guttering are important components in protecting any property from the ravaged of bad weather, so ensuring that they are cleaned, cleared and checked regularly will extend their life and save you money in the long run.

And when they do need repairing or replacing, you can trust Wells Group to be there for you, doing whatever needs to be done, without fuss or bother.

Window Care 

Windows are a common source of problems reported by tenants, and windows that cannot be easily opened – or securely closed – can be significant safety and security risks. Glass, too, deteriorates over a period of time, and can become brittle and prone to cracking easily. So to ensure that tenants and the property are kept safe and well, it is important to have them checked regularly.

At Wells Group, we are acknowledged specialists in the restoration of timber-framed sash windows, and fully understand how to repair the mechanism to keep them opening and closing smoothly.

Windows can also be an area for significantly heat loss, so having the right type of windows – with the optimum energy-efficiency rating – can save property owners thousands of pounds in reduced gas or electricity bills over the lifetime of the windows.

Yearly Window Maintenance

To keep your windows in the best possible condition, we recommend an annual inspection and service, during which we will check for any issues, clean the windows and any locks, handles and other mechanisms, and give you a report on any further remedial action that we believe would be in the best interests of the landlord and tenant(s).


At Wells Group, we are pleased to offer regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly window and window-frame cleaning service packages, so there’s always a package to suit your needs.

If you need doors, skirting boards, storage units, shelving, cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets, stairways, balustrades, kitchens or anything else that can be made from wood, the carpentry team at Wells Group offer an exceptional team of skilled craftsmen who will design, plan, create and produce whatever furniture, fixtures or fittings you need.

We use a range of timers to suit your clients’ budgets and preferences, many of which are sustainably sourced to minimise the impact of wood usage on the wide environment.

Our expert bricklayers even build walls in their sleep, so creating interior or exterior walls for your properties whilst they are awake is easy!

We can supply and use brand new bricks, or re-use restored bricks that match existing brickwork to provide visual continuity and maintain the look and feel of a property.

So from simple repairs and re-pointing to complete new wall builds, contact Wells Group now to discuss how we can make your life easier.


Like anything, trees and bushes need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them fit for purpose and aesthetic.

For a free, no obligation quote please 

“Just a quick testimonial to recognise your good work at our premise over the past four years. We’re very pleased to have selected such a reliable, good-value company to maintain and look after our blocks of flats, including all the communal areas, garages, sheds, etc. We look forward to many more years of reliable, customer-friendly service!”

Shahina M